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Hello and welcome to the official website of my campaign for re-election in District 16, which covers about half of Allen County and the far eastern portion of Whitley County.

Before I became the Senate President, Indiana was saddled with significant debt, low national ratings for job creation and tax climate, and most importantly, no vision for where the state needed to go.

Working in partnership with Republican Governors Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence, we turned things completely around and made government work again for Indiana’s families.

Today, Indiana is hailed for its tremendous economic renaissance. Our state has achieved one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation with our region leading the pack. Since the end of the recession, Indiana has created more good paying jobs than nearly any other state in the country. Property taxes and state income taxes are among the lowest in the entire nation. Our budgets are balanced. Our state lives within its means and we make sure that state government lives by the golden rule that it’s your money, and we can’t afford to waste any of it.

We’ve invested in transportation at a record pace, and the Major Moves deal allowed Indiana to raise nearly $4 billion dollars for its roads WITHOUT RAISING ONE PENNY OF TAXES. No state in the nation can say that except Indiana. Our past two budgets have invested an additional $1.3 billion into our roads and bridges, while also providing $100 million per year for our local government’s road needs, including Allen and Whitley Counties.

We’re also investing in our children, making sure our kids are getting the best education possible, empowering our parents with more choices, and investing in our youngest children through our state’s first pre-K programming.

I’m proud to have been a significant part of these accomplishments, but there is more to do. That is why I’m running for the Indiana State Senate again, to make sure we stay focused on what matters. Indiana is a special place, and I promise to do everything in my power to keep it that way.

David Long is a recognized champion of Conservative Values

  • Economy and Jobs: David Long knows that we must create an environment in Indiana where businesses can thrive. He’s fought to cut taxes and regulations on Hoosier business owners and, since the recession, we’ve created more good paying jobs than nearly any other state in the country. Indiana’s unemployment rate is now one of the lowest in the nation.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Under David Long’s leadership, Indiana’s budgets are balanced and our state lives within its means. He’s led efforts to eliminate wasteful spending and build adequate reserves all while reducing the tax burden on Hoosier taxpayers by cutting the individual income tax, the corporate income tax and, once and for all, eliminating the unfair “Death Tax.”
  • Improving Education: David Long is committed to making sure our children get the best education possible so they can succeed in the future. He’s empowered parents with more choices in their children’s education, supported efforts to withdraw from the Common Core education standards and has led the fight to provide additional accountability and funding for our schools.
  • Protecting Life: David Long’s commitment to protecting the unborn is unwavering. He has a 100% Pro Life Voting Record, has repeatedly been endorsed by the Indiana Right to Life and the Allen County Right to Life. And under his leadership, Indiana has become one of the most pro-life states in the nation.
  • 2nd Amendment Rights: Senator Long has maintained an A rating from the National Rifle Association during his time as senator. He’s committed to making sure Indiana’s gun laws remain some of the best in the nation and will fight against any effort by the federal government to infringe upon Hoosier gun owners’ rights.
  • Protecting Religious Freedoms: A strong supporter of traditional marriage, David Long is also committed to religious rights for all Hoosiers. He supports legislation that protects religious freedom, but also understands that every Hoosier should live free from discrimination.



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